Engineered for excellence, we offer complete end-to-end NFT support.

Whether you simply need consulting services or a full-fledged ecosystem, reach out to us to support you on this journey.

Web3 Development & UI/UX Design

We work with you to create a website you love that will captivate your community. Full web3 and smart contract integration, built on your choice of CMS.

Smart Contract Development

We develop top-of-the-line smart contracts, utilizing the most up-to-date innovations and gas optimization techniques. Secure, optimized, and reliable on any EVM compatible network (ETH, MATIC, AVAX) or Solana.

End-to-End Consulting

We seek to deeply understand your project and collaborate to build the best solution. Idea generation, sustainable tokenomics desgin, pricing strategy, market analysis, plan adjustment due to rapidly shifting market dynamics, and full project launch support.

Our Projects

With a wide range of expertise, our team has tackled a variety of technical projects - always striving to deliver the best for our clients. We've delivered work that includes a Wolf Game fork on AVAX, NFTs with staking and token generation, digital avatars for P2E game, and more. See some samples of our work below.

Billionaire Space Babies

Meta Wizards


Anti Social Anime Club

Cyclo Turtles

OUR Team

At Cyberscape Labs we believe Web3 will change the world, and our work demonstrates our passion for decentralization

We consist of a broad multi-functional team of Developers, Artists, Collectors, and Project Leaders from all over the world of blockchain. We specialize in all aspects of project development and blockchain solutions. Ultimately we are people who believe NFTs are going to change our culture, and want to help make your vision a reality.


Founder and lead Engineer



Head of Project Management and founder of MetaLaunchers.io



Head of Acquisitions and Marketing


Official Partners

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